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Walking Past Barking Dogs

When out for a sniff and mark of the world with your dog and you approach a property where a dog or dogs are barking what sound ferociously at you (really at your dog), what should you not do? Please be respectful of the dog(s) that are barking at you (your dog). Even if they look like a sweet dog - They are telling you this is my home and unless my humans welcome you, you are not ok. Please don't stop and stare hoping those dogs are saying "hi" because they are not! Don't get closer, you are stressing out your dog and the dogs that are vigilantly guarding their home or something else. You, the dog walker, have no idea what that dog(s) is guarding - it could be its pack mates, an older dog that needs it's pack for defense, or maybe even a litter of puppies or a young dog that cannot defend itself. So what to do? If possible, move to the other side of the street, it will increase your steps ;) and your dog will appreciate you putting distance between him and those barking dogs, and MOVE ON!


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