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Goldens have sensitive souls that require positive reinforcement to initiate and ingrain acceptable behaviors.  We highly recommend that pup owners seek reputable trainers and participate in “puppy kindergarten” for early and guided socialization and follow on obedience classes.  A happy Golden and their family have a puppy whose mind is stimulated  and whose bodies get regular exercise.  All training, games and guided play should be reward or praise based.  Goldens adore pleasing their humans!
We offer the following classes:
Introduction to K9 Nosework®:​


Starting weekly SUNDAY Sept. 17, 2023  through Oct.  22 OR  29, 2022 at 10:00 AM. 

Where: Minden, Nevada

Tuition: $200 for 6 weeks of class 

Your dog’s sense for scents is amazing and teaching them to apply this attribute in a focused and positive reinforcement/reward-based manner is a lot of fun for both the dog and the handler!

In this Introduction to Canine NoseWork®  course you will learn how to build your dog’s motivation to search, and support them in gaining confidence to search in a variety of environments and elements including containers, interiors, exteriors and vehicles.  This is a 6 week course that will be followed by the next steps in the process of learning K9 NoseWork®!   Training is REWARD based – very high value treats are essential!  All dogs work alone with their handler and are required to be crated or confined in their vehicle (weather depending).

We offer the following classes:
K9 Nosework® Introduction to Odor:​


Starting weekly SUNDAY , Oct. 22 OR 29 2023 through Dec. 3, 2023 at 10:00 AM.

Where: Minden, Nevada

Tuition: $200 for 6 weeks of class

Now that your dog has grown more confident with his nose, target odors are introduced, and competition skills are taught.  Target odors include Birch, Anise and Clove.  This class is for dogs that have completed the Introduction to K9 Nose Work ® class.  We will introduce the first odor (birch) to the teams.  The focus of this class is adding birch to both container and interior searches to start.  Dogs and handlers will work on and off leash.  Dogs will continue to build confidence and handlers will learn leash handling skills, when to support their dog and when to give space and will continue to learn to read their dogs.  The last two classes will include adding birch to exteriors and vehicles.  All dogs work alone with their handler and are required to be crated or confined in their vehicle (weather depending).

​Please fill out the form below and Leslie will contact you with the Class Syllabus and invoicing.

We offer the following classes:
K9 Nosework® and AKC Scent Work Practices:​



Practices generally run approximately 2 hours.

Where: A variety of locations in Carson City and Minden/Gardnerville, and Reno.

Tuition: $25.00 per team.  2nd Dog/Same Handler is $20/Team

Each Team is guaranteed a minimum of 3 search opportunities!  Emails are sent out the Wednesday before practice with location and other details as necessary.

Hides are set, search areas determined, and guidance level is based on your Team’s skill level.

Please submit the form below if interested.  WARNING this sport is addictive!

Scent Work Training Inquiry

Thanks for submitting!

For our new puppy owners

For new puppy owners, Leslie offers one on one sessions primarily to provide basic obedience skills and to assist with behaviors that are not conducive to the pup’s household.  These session are $50 per session within 50 miles of our facility or at a location close to our facility dependent on what is needed.

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