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The Burnside Home

Leslie, her husband Craig and our now grown children began raising Labrador Retrievers 30 years ago. We raised one litter per year and trained them with their handlers/companions as family and hunting dogs.  In 2007, Leslie went back to her heart dog - the Golden Retriever with Ruby Marsh Sundance “Marsh”.  Sundance Golden Retrievers - Nevada was born from our enjoyment of camping, fishing and watching the sun dance on the waters of the Ruby Marshes in northeast Nevada.  At present, we have 4 descendants of Marsh that give us constant enjoyment.


The Burnside Home is one where our family gathers regularly in large groups and everyone has a dog or a few.  It is common for there to be 6 to 15 happy, well-behaved dogs of several breeds depending on who is visiting.


Leslie’s girls accompany her work on a regular basis.  Leslie is a very lucky human and fellow employees enjoy having them there. It is rare that our dogs are not in our company regardless of where we go.  We consistently receive comments regarding how well behaved our fur kids are.  They go everywhere with us. I wear a wrist band in case of an emergency that states "Look in my truck - my dogs are with me!". 


We have found that retrievers in general attract the best people which has afforded us an opportunity to meet many wonderful people over the years that have become part of our Golden Family.  For us raising Golden Retrievers – it is not about quantity, it is all about quality. 

Leslie Burnside

Leslie is a National Association of K9 NoseWork Instructor, AKC Scent Work Instructor, Alliance of Therapy Dogs Tester/Observer (#51817), AKC Canine Good Citizen & AKC Temperament Test Evaluator #100627, and a Member of READing Paws #5890.


Leslie’s “other job” is as an Environmental Planner for one of northern Nevada’s most renown Architectural and Engineering firms.  She works full time providing environmental planning and permitting services so projects are in compliance with local, state and federal environmental regulations.  Craig, is semi-retired working part time with the Natural Resources Conservation Service and Carson Water Sub Conservancy District and enjoying time hunting, fishing and with his Labrador Retriever “Jazz”.

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