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Nipping unacceptable behavior in the bud

Golden Retriever puppies are so very adorable that humans are so very willing to accept unacceptable behavior - why? Because those puppies are just so darn cute! However, they have needles for teeth and they can cause you to get stitches - not a good thing. So how do I get my puppy to stop biting and shredding my clothes? First and foremost - NIP THAT IN THE BUD - IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR. If you let it happen, it is guaranteed to get worse. Be gentle, but firm and CONSISTENT. Gently put your hands around the pups snout and rub and say "no bite" until they stop, and have an alternative in your other hand - always. Give them what YOU want them to chew on - and it is not you! You can also "yelp" like a puppy that has been bitten by a sibling and say "OUCH NO BITING". Your pup will not expect that outburst and give them what YOU want them to chew on. Whenever they stop doing the unacceptable behavior, please make sure and praise them and tell them "Good Puppy".


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